Twin Cousin M & Moving by Itself & Knight in Shining Armor

November 7, 2020

I am feeling a little sad today.  My aunt passed away earlier this year in February.  She had breast cancer which was removed, but then she ended up in the hospital for another health issue. She lived a long and good life. So I found out another aunt and her husband have the coronavirus.  My aunt is the  oldest and last person alive on my Mom’s side of the family.

November 8, 2020

Twin Cousin M

I was with my cousin M who lives in a different state, well at least it looked like her she had long, dark hair. She mentioned some town, city which I never heard of and had no idea of location. She said California, so I was like Oh California.

There was some other guy running around running his mouth and mentioning some other UNHEARD of towns, cities that he thought I’d take off to to visit, which really wasn’t true.

I think there  is more to this dream, but cannot remember


November 11, 2020

Moving By Itself

I just had the strangest dream during a nap… I had all my items piled up in the center of the room, like I actually do in real life for a pest control tomorrow.  So in this dream, in this pile was possible some boots or shoes that started physically moving by itself while talking on the phone.  The pile looked differently than my real life pile.


Knight in Shining Armor

I had a dream about a former friend in a former city that I use to live many, many years ago. It was warmer weather, either spring or fall time of the year. We were both walking around town, which we use to do a lot when I lived in this former city. I don’t remember us talking to each other, but just walking around town.  I use to call this guy my “Knight and Shining Armor” when I was in my early 20’s, and for the longest time, he use to walk like a soldier.

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