*Stray Dog and the Cockroach, The Retainer and the Wall of Badges & Sand Castle Contest*

Stray Dog and the Cockroach

June 30, 2010

I recently found out that my work hours were reduced to two days a week, which didn’t seem to bother me. I was working at a table in the backroom and a cockroach appeared on the table. It kept growing from smaller to larger and then back to smaller and then eventually disappearing on me. I tried removing the cockroach off the table but it disappeared to quickly on me. A co-worker came up to me and suggested, “Let the guys take care of it.” Then this older, man working there pulled a huge bug, resembling a crab out of his pocket as he was walking out the backroom door. Then the next part of the dream takes me to my really nice, light-colored condo and two, large, dog statues were standing in my neighbor’s backyard, Then there was a flood and as I was looking outside my window and there was dirty, murky waters up to my window sill and the dogs were floating around in it. I felt like the brown dog was my responsibility and needed to be rescued and so I asked the neighbor if the brown dog was hers and she didn’t say anything. I think what this dream may mean is issues regarding vision and stray animals.

The Retainer and The Wall of Badges

August 22, 2010

My retainer was returned to me after some girl used it. I was then walking in a downtown area in a small town. People seemed disgusted with me because I had the retainer in my mouth. I didn’t see anything wrong with it since I had cleaned it.

Then I was watching a film that ended normally. There was a wall with badges on it, and as I walked closer, I was shown a medical badge. Then there was this girl walking who had a big, out of proportion head. There was some recording that stopped because the original singer showed up in person.

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