Nowhere, Group of Friends, 9, Bizarre Paranormal Experiences & Hostel Rooms

November 22, 2020


I had a dream and one of my brothers was around me. I recall writing down some phone number on a yellow post note.  I heard in my dream, “Someone is going to die” I was trying to figure it out “who”. Several of my older relatives have died within the last couple of years, all being in January and February. Plus now one of my aunt’s has tested positive for the  coronavirus.

Then I’m in a small town with nothing around, it looks like the Midwest, but not for sure because no one is wearing coats. I have noticed in my dreams that people in my dreams rarely wear coats even if it’s snowing wear I am currently living and NO ONE has been wearing in mask in dreams either, even though it’s mandatory in public spaces where I live.

November 23, 2020

Group of Friends

I awoke with a panic attack, which is rare but does occasionally happen. I am having some anxiety about an upcoming trip and sometimes I think I can sense things so get anxious.  It may have nothing to do with trip.

So the dream that I had last night was about a group of friends that were hanging out at a bar and drinking. They were all sitting down having a conversation about different cities. This one guy to the farthest left mentioned a city in the Southwest, a former place that once lived. So a girl from the farthest right was a little surprised and mentioned about “All they do is drink there” So the guy to the farthest left responded by physically drinking his beer or whatever he was drinking.

The guy also mentioned a city that have been recently been wanting to travel. The group broke up and went its separate ways, but the girl wanted to still talk to him about his interest in travelling.

Read “Behind the Scenes” This is the 2nd time I have seen this phrase in a short amount of time.

May 8th 2013

Making Plans 

A lot of activity going on behind the scenes. I was planning a Greyhound and wanted to see if it stopped by a certain stop. I went to this restaurant where the Mexican guy was on the phone. I would pay him .60 cents for a Mountain Dew, so that I could use the computer. I couldn’t remember my #. I called and it said, message, if you want to talk to a therapist. I wanted to stay with a friend on Monday or Tuesday and then leave on Friday. But last time, I thought I’d stop by there. Something about sleeping all day to noon.

I remember when I had this dream, I went to a Joyce Meyer’s conference in Portland, OR and she mentioned the words “behind the scene” And that God brought me there (to the conference) basically because i was going to be thrown out of my apartment.

Bizarra Paranormal Experiences


November 24, 2020

While I was lying down in bed trying to get asleep, I heard in a man’s voice around 4:30 AM, the number 9.


November 25, 2020

I couldn’t sleep last night, so while trying to get asleep, some THING blows warm air on me, this isn’t the ONLY time this has happen. Basically, some THING is trying to irritate me! So I think this some THING should pay for my heart surgery than it won’t be FUN any more.

November 26, 2020

Last night while I was trying to get asleep, this THING starts semi-massaging the outer side of my leg, from my thigh to my knee cap. (In real life, I had an injury and feel down, so area by knee cap was affected) This THING used heat to HEAL these areas, however the BIZARRE part was this THING didn’t have hands.

Afterwords, I saw this mist right in front of me, which I have seen several times before, so feeling threatened I back hand this mist with my left arm and the mist slowly floats up to the upper shelf of my closet. Then when I finally get asleep, AGAIN right in front of me I’m awakened by a noise, then another time by my ear (It wasn’t the usual HISS SOUND, or the grown like at my former apartment) I cannot remember the sound I heard.

November 26, 2020

Hostel Rooms

Then for my DREAM, there are about 18 twin beds on the floor of a female  hostel room. It was a a large room, almost like an auditorium. Then I was conscience in the dream and thought one of the girls stole my bed, like I had all my stuff on this one dorm bed, although I did NOT see any of my items in dream. Later, I was thinking about how someone was holding my items, so couldn’t really escape at the time. I also was going to confront the girl who stole my bed, but then I found out that she was deaf.

Then there was a MIXED bedroom of male and female with bunk beds. This one woman had her area kinda messy and her female and male friend were suppose to go somewhere together.

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