The Paranormal & Dream or Memory

December 13, 2020

The Paranormal

I will be writing about some of my paranormal experiences because sometimes I think they can coincide with my dreams and real life events. These experiences for the most part always happen while I am in my bed. So last night, I could sense some entity in my room, like looking right at my face which made me nervous and felt afraid, the entity made a noise and I batted whatever it is with my hand. Awhile after hiding underneath the covers I felt asleep and had a dream…

Some acquaintance and myself were having a conversation about a women that we read about in the newspaper, a long time ago. She either took a trip or moved to New York. .  I thought perhaps that she was originally from California, but not sure. Then this overweight Italian guy was storing what looked like business shirts in a small room, like all packed together.

This happened last night while I was trying to fall asleep in my bed.  So again this entity showed up and started semi- massaging one of my legs, he, she  or whatever it is starts blows warm air on my face, usually by my mouth.  Of course I think this is to irritate me or let me know of the entities presence. This is why I try to hide underneath the covers, or hide my mouth so I don’t feel this entity breathing on me. So then he proceeds to do something sexual with my legs and I eventually tell him to leave my legs alone. Also, felt a doggy walking on my bed and felt his warmth next to me.

So needless to say, I do have a history of depression, but not of seeing or hearing things, I have experienced ghost and other paranormal experiences throughout the years, not many times, but usually in house.  At times, other family members have experiences  paranormal (ghosts) experiences as well.



December 15, 2020

It Isn’t Necessary

December 16, 2020

Dream or Memory

HIsser  Last night, I heard a hissing sound like a cat, then the Hisser was walking on my bed and then came by me.

Also when I awoke, I thought of a dream or memory from a long time ago.  The house was older and had interesting architecture and it seemed to be owned by a woman who is wearing Victorian clothing, a dress and hat with possible a feather  sticking out of hat. At first I thought she rents out rooms or apartments to mainly young woman, like the place is empty.  I can see her walking around in a hurried manner.

Then a see a young girl with a pointy nose, smiling and wearing a dress. She might also have ribbons in her hair. Not for sure if the girl is related to this woman or not. The girl also has fine, blond, hair.

I just started researching my family history/ancestry again and some times when this happens, I have noticed I have dreams or memories of another time and it usually is in black and white.

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