Renee, HISSER AGAIN & Dolphin

December 17, 2020


A woman and guy were driving around in his small car. The guy was telling her of a situation that she was NOT involved or knew nothing about it. Later the woman is at her apartment and an African-American woman is storing her beauty items at her place. Then I see Renee O’Connor in the dream.

December 18, 2020


I had a dream, but forgot when awoke.

December 20, 2020

I went out of town to visit friends and ended up crashing at one of my friends place due to transportation issues. My sleeping patterns are off so was awake when had a paranormal experience while lying on friends couch.  There was no hissing or breathing onto my lips this time. So around 2 AM, I felt something repeatingly smash into my mouth, so I covered my mouth to make it stop. It happened again at 3 AM and then subsided.

Earlier this week, there was a day in which I was talking TOO much in general, which is unusual and at with my friends, I do have a tendency to talk TOO much as well. But not for sure why this paranormal experience happened.

Then I thought of the word Dolphin

December 22, 2020


I was surprised to be watching a show when I heard the words “Dolphin C****” To find out its an address? I am still like WTF does “Dolphin”mean.

….then later during a survey saw the word Dolphin AGAIN.

So after staying up all night, I went to bed and had a dream but for the life of me could not remember. So then I had another dream that kinda remember.  There was this one woman who was kinda attracted to this one really buff looking guy, but hasn’t let on that she likes him.   They don’t seem to know each other.

So then the woman is on a bus (again)? and it pulls up to a restaurant around three or four in the morning, it’s still dark outside. About fifty or so, predominantly, white guys are waiting in line for the restaurant to open up, which it eventually does open. Maybe it isn’t a restaurant but a retail store. I can see the bus driving up to this location and know it’s a bus because the view in dream is elevated.

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