*Day Trip, Bakery…Retail & Grab Your Boots*

December 19, 2010

Day Trip

My relative did not want to accompany me on a day trip to an island so I went by myself. I took a water taxi to get there and the downtown area had exquisite, expensive, retail shops. But this area was losing business due to the prices. Another area of the city, had dreaded hair, hippies with mean demeanor. Then I was in a third word country running through buildings while being chased by an asian woman. I wasn’t aware of being chased and ran each door with a smile on my face. I reached the last door and unlocked it and was free to go outside.

December 21, 2010


I was working at a bakery store and the manager was an older, long haired hippie lady. She assigned me under the supervisor of the food department. Later on, after work, I went to purchase a Da Vinci rubber stamp.

Then I switched to a retail position. After, some time of working there, one of the young, female co-workers told me that my work performance was better, I confided in her that I wasn’t aware of how people perceived me. Then this other, young woman didn’t approve of my clothing choices. I told her that at a previous position, an experienced manager, told me that I had a good sense of style. Later on, I was slimmer, and I remember trying on a different style of clothing that I normally wouldn’t wear.

Grab Your Boots

December 22, 2010

I was spending the holidays with my older brother and he was leaving within an hour. I had to make a quick trip within an hour, so I grabbed my boots and started packing.

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