Thank You, Long Bus Ride & Library Room

December 28, 2020

Thank You

This one young girl was sitting on a couch in a room. A boy with brown eyes and brown hair is sitting next to her. The boys father is around and the young girl sneaks out the back door. I recall thinking, “You didn’t even say thank you”  Something odd, in  the dream the girl  took off her underwear so maybe she had a nightgown on.

Then the dream switches and I think I appear in this dream. I was underground, possible in a crevice and when crawl out of crevice see all these rocks and beautiful scenery. I seem to not know what it’s going to look like when crawling out of crevice.

Then I was walking around town again, but this was a slightly bigger town then the couple of businesses on the side of the road. Nothing looks familiar.

January 1, 2021

Long Bus Ride

I was on this public bus and it was a very long bus ride to wherever I was going.  The bus driver was a male driver. I remember getting off the bus and looking across the street to see where the bus stop was located. Then i was inside a hotel or an apartment and answered the door to some kids, who were possible India descent, it was a boy and another kid. There parents were BOTH working in the office, I am wondering if it’s a hotel.

January 2, 2021

Library Room

A woman with dark, wavy hair was sitting at a table in a library room with others. It was one of those rooms where people go to study, no computers in room. She had possible a binder and notebook and was working on a project. This part of the dream reminds me of how I document “BlueGirls DreemGournal  in real life by using different methods to document. Also, I see Meredith Baxter in the dream?

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