*All Over the Place, Old Friend of Mine & The Invisible Driver*

January 1, 2011

All Over the Place

There were a couple of women, one resembling a girl from the movie, “The Smithereens,” that I was socializing with. Then I was tangled in some large plant vines in a swampy, water tank. I was moving slowly and tiredly as I tried to unravel myself from the vines. I eventually was able to get loose and felt relived. Then my Mom was sitting on a couch in my darkly lit living room and her back was towards me. She started singing some Psalms. I hugged her and started crying and told her that I missed her so much. Then for a quick second, I was in a city where I previously lived in a different state. Then I was walking on sidewalk in Vegas. Some early Christians were across from me in some stores and we started singing back and forth to each other, more psalms and one sang, “The Lord has Revealed.” to me. I continued walking and saw a couple of men setting up carnival rides

January 9, 2011

Old Friend of Mine

Some older women who had the same name of an old friend of mine in the Midwest was happy to see me and gave me a hug. She told me, “You are having financial problems”. Then there was a slot machine, like for cigarettes, but it was different priced bus cards. I didn’t want to purchase the highest bus card amount but did anyway.

January 11, 2011

The Invisible Driver

These dreams seem of an older time, the 1950’s. There was an invisible driver in the drivers seat of an old fashion working van and there was a man moving around in the back . He thought, ” I don’t know if I made the right decision.” Then the van pulled up safely to a house to perform a job. Then someone was in a cast for a part of his body and needed ointment on some areas of his body. There were people at the everywhere at the house and children who were playing. I gave one of the children a picture of something I made, that she liked at the end of the month. Some kid kept going in and out of the room and asked about some movie.


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