*Conversation, Set Free & Hodge Podge*

January 12, 2011


A man and a woman went out on a date. She wanted to be noticed by this man so she wore her new spring dress. They were both undecided on there plans so they ended up chatting and getting to know each other.

January 17, 2011

Set Free

I could not access my account and my landlord wanted to get paid the rent on the 2nd. (landlord wanted to be paid on 2nd) Then there was a girl walking down a street and she was surrounded by mountains. Then I was in a wheelchair with a group of older ladies. I was released from the group because of my inability to move around.

June 2012-this dream did come true. I moved to a place where the city was surrounded by mountains and the landlord wanted to be paid on the 2nd. I missed an opportunity for my inability to physically move around.

Hodge Podge

January 29, 2011

When I lived in this neighborhood there was this dog named, “Spirit”, and in this dream he jumped out of a second story window and vanished into thin air. I went looking for my brother in our home state. I was planning to do some work on the library computer but the computers were down. There was a city that I wrote in my journal that I crossed out.

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