*Snapshot of Orca Whale, Peg Board Game & The Helper*

February 13, 2011

Snapshot of Orca Whale

As I was heading towards my front door, I thought that I didn’t really have enough time to work on all my art projects. Later, I had to pick up some razors because I went swimming with some lady friends of mine. Then I was at this house having a conversation with two, fake women who were sitting across from me. Since these women were fake, they reminded me of actresses and mentioned that women have to be beautiful nowadays. One offered me a jacket because it was a little chilly. Then the dream changed and I was standing in a small, boat about a mile of shore from land. I saw an Orca whale coming towards the boat in the far distance. As the Orca came closer, I snapped a picture of it. I thought that most people have not experienced seeing an Orca whale.

February 14, 2011

Peg Board Game

There was this game board on the wall. My brother was on the board and represented as a dull, large peg in the center of the board. I was represented as a colorful, light blue peg of the left of my brother. There was some squishy substance underneath my peg. My brother and I were the oldest people playing this game on the board. I then re-aligned my peg and placed it underneath my brothers peg. I mentioned that I would be fine, as long as I had some space. Then the game board was taken off the wall and had wheels attached to the back of the board and so I started pushing the board down the side walk. Then I was in a waiting room and I was slimmer and dressed professionally.


February 15, 2011

The Helper

I was standing on a platform in front a library audience with a stack of blue books beside me. There was a blond girl walking around in a hotel parking lot, middle aged people staying in a room full of bunkers. They had square padding on shoulders, except for one woman. Cartoon characters went up and down the ladder, helping each other.

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