Childish & Map

January 12, 2021

They have no right to do that

January 14, 2021


There was a young woman and this one guy was giving her a hard time because she only paid $300 for something. She was suppose to take a placement test for math, but missed the day. She really didn’t want to take the test.

Then there was this woman with semi-curly dark hair and dark eyes who had a mean look in her eye as she looked at this young woman. They seem to be in a competition for some reason. They were debating on whose grandma made the most money.

Now for the Paranormal..

Oh also before I forget, last night I was up till about 3 or 4 AM, and a little after 3 AM, I was lying down on my bed facing the window. When all of a sudden something, entity or whatever sat on the side of my bed near my upper body. I think it was a man and he seemed kind of stiff, like Frankenstein.  I then waved my arms wear this entity sat to see if I could feel a physical presence, I could not. However, a small part of my back felt warmth in an area.

January 17, 2021


A young woman just got off a bus and can see her looking at a bus schedule which has a physical map on it. She went to another woman’s place, but when she got there the woman, who was suppose to help her, chose another woman.  Later she is sleeping on a twin bed in a bedroom and she hears a couple having sex in another room.  She might be there temporarily because she seems to be concerned about her mail piling up while she is gone.

Oh WOW, only five dreams so far this month

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