*Hidden Behind the Surface,Stranger Outside My House& Using Faith in Time of Darkness*

March 2, 2011

HIdden Behind the Surface

The landlord was helping her sister take out the garbage. As she was getting ready for work she asked her sister what she should do with a piece of paper, but her sister didn’t respond. There was a water plant and the water was running and had to be shut down.

March 6, 2011

Stranger Outside My House

I was staying at a friends house located in the woods. Late at night, I heard this woman talking outside and circling the house. I was sitting on the front room floor, leaned up against the wall. The window had a reflection, like a mirror, and I saw this woman and she saw me. She said, ” I heard a baby crying,” Then a man tryed to enter through the house, he had extenuating, blond bangs and blue eyes and placed the knife in between his teeth as he tried to entire  through the window.  I prevented him from getting into the apartment. That was the end of the dream.


Using Faith in Time in Darkness

March 6, 2011

I was living in a large house in the woods for the summer. There was an intersection that was considered dangerous to cross and had car accidents. At night, I crossed this intersection by using my hearing because the signal lights were out. The next night, the owner of the house, daughter and myself were all suppose to go to church at night, because it was chilly, the daughter switched to a black, long sleeve shirt. She was happy to go to church and was smiling. Prior to leaving, there was a woman looking into a window and started speaking God’s word and disappeared.


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