*On the Road Again, Positive Atmosphere & Back to Florida*

March 7, 2011

On the Road Again

I was on a city bus in the Southwest. The riders on the bus were discussing an incident that happened to this man. I got off a couple of stops after of where this incident occurred. Later, at my place, which was a hotel room, my Mom and I were discussing phone cards and packing because I was planning on moving. I had too much stuff and wanted to get rid of some things. There was a huge pile of dishes that I ended up doing because no one else wanted to do. I also had a small dog that was friendly with another dog. There was this protective guy in my dream who contacted my brother to let him know some concerns regarding his daughters boyfriend. My brother trusted this guy so believed him.

March 8, 2011

Positive Atmosphere

A friend of mine, his daughter and grand-daughter were watching a classical movie. Later I mentioned to him my favorite part of the movie. The next morning, my friend woke up in his bed and an orange, tabby jumped up on his bed to sleep next to him, then the other cat came and then his grand-daughter came into the room. The girl was happy, smiling and wanting to play. His daughter had some pictures of the couple on her digital camera or phone. In the evening, some friends of the daughter offered my friend to go out for dinner, but he declined because of financial reasons.


March 10, 2011

Back to Florida

My brother and I were hanging out at his place, when I received a call from Inn land on August 14. I mistakenly heard the name, because it was from Lakeland, Florida. So, I said, “Back to Florida”.

July 10, 2012

I still have not gone back to Florida, but my bother has, twice since this post! August 14 is right around the corner.

In Retrospect…

I don’ remember the first dream too much, but the second dream, I remember more,  it was concerning my long-times friends’ family. His daughter and grand daughter. I did mention this dream to him. I was correct about how an orange tabby came to him while he was in bed, then it was his grand daughter. The movie was, “Refer Madness” which I’m not for sure why I had that dream at this time.

I think the third dream might be Lakeland, Fl, some place that I have NEVER been to, but wanted to visit. This dream has still NOT come to pass, although, I did have one opportunity for an apartment somewhere in Florida, but apartment building did not have good reviews so passed opportunity.

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