*Lectured Alaska, The Fisherman, Wooden Ship & Floating Plane*

March 13, 2011

Lectured Alaska

I was waiting at a park for my friend to pick me up with his van. He resembled a famous actor and I secretly had a crush on him. We liked to hang out with each other, but not on this particular day. He stood up for me regarding a comment a friend made to me. He recently returned from an Alaskan trip and was carrying a shoe box full of memorabilia. He had a cap on with the logo of “Alaska”. Later, that evening he was giving a slide presentation and I was in some of the pictures.

March 14, 2011

The Fisherman

In June, I was at my childhood friend’s place. He was blasting his music late at night so the neighbor complained to get him into trouble. Then I went outside to see if trouble was coming and no one was coming to hassle my friend. Then there was this African American man who was fishing in his small boat. He kept swinging very long fishing lines back and forth and none of the hooks caught my clothes or me. The fisherman didn’t even acknowledge my presence there, like I was invisible.

March 17, 2011

Wooden Ship

There was a man who was carrying a huge, wooden ship as he was walking down the corridor of the terminal of the ferry. 

April 10, 2011

Floating Plane

I was in my apartment and my Mom was in my bedroom sleeping. Outside, there were no passengers in the plane, that was floating outside in a body of water. I took a picture of the plane and then the water began to seep under the bedroom door and I prevented the water from entering room.

In Retrospect…

In the first dream, I remember the guys van as somewhat as a junker. He would give lectures regarding Alaska. I NEVER met this guy by the way.

Second dream, well my child hood friend has issues with blasting his music several times, he just loves music. I remember walking outside of the parking lot during this time in real life. The African-American man had his back towards me and he kept reeling and casting his line and to me is was symbolic of “fishing for information” I just remember being surprised that I didn’t get hurt by the hook.

Third dream, the Wooden Ship might have been the guy who was in Alaska for whatever reason.  It was a fairly large wooden ship, almost like a model and he was wearing a cap on his head.

Fourth dream, I did end up living at an apartment complex where I could look outside my window and see a body of water. I just remember the two women were in a small boat and sitting there looking at me, which in real life, no one could see me at that far of a distance. I thought it was interesting how the water started steeping into the apartment. I do NOT know who the women were and still don’t. I don’t remember stopping the water.

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