*Tornado Coming My Way, A Visit to My Friend & A Place for the Pony*

April 16, 2011

Tornado Coming My Way

There were no seats available on the Greyhound bus so I ended standing up in the middle of the Greyhound bus.  There were dark clouds in the distance when a tornado appeared coming in the direction of the bus. I began to quote bible verses as protection. The bus driver pulled off to the side of the road to avoid collision with tornado and I saw a skull.

May 15, 2011

A Visit to My Friend

My friend was clinically depressed and was sitting in a small, white room with no pictures hanging on the wall. He lived in a large complex of apartments with dark brown wood trim in a serene environment. My friend did not think I was going to come for a visit, but did, and he walked down the apartment buildings stairs to meet me.

May 16, 2011

A Place for Pony

It was in the 1940’s or 1950’s and this young girl was with her parents and they went to look at a new building that was in the process of being built. There was a carousal representing a pony stall and she told her parents that she wanted to live at that place so she could have a pony. Something about the number 6, maybe apartment number.

In Retrospect…

The first dream I remember really well. I most likely walking up the aisles after using the bathroom in the back of the bus. As I was walking closer to the front, a tornado appeared in the distance, so I remember physically bracing myself for being hit by tornado. I started praying by using bible verses to protect me from the tornado. I don’t remember the bus driver pulling off to the side of the road and I vaguely remember seeing a skull.

The second dream, my friend came down these stairs that reminded me of the stairs in the movie, Titanic. Many years later in the Southwest, I recall seeing stairs that were similar to a dream, it was an apartment complex, but didn’t take because no bathroom in room.  My friend was surprised I showed up, he usually has these painting like posters on his walls, so not for sure what that all means. I do remember the area with dark, brown buildings, it was in a wooden setting. I NEVER did see this building in real life.  It was some kind of area with therapists.

The third dream, I remember the little girl with light, long, wavy-hair. I hope she got her stall for her pony. I NEVER met this girl, nor did I hear anything about a “pony” however many years later, I did end up living close to a fairground that had rodeos.

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