*Task Completed, Heart Design & A Lifetime Ago*

July 19, 2011

Task Completed

A woman was telling her husband that when she set her mind on getting A’s or B’s in her college courses, she usually succeeded. Then an older woman was suppose to help hang a bike on a rack in the garage, but by the time she got there the task had been completed. Another, younger woman who was there felt that these two woman were compatible and a good fit.

July 22, 2011

Heart Design

I went shopping and was looking at a row of skin care products in a retail store. Then someone approached me regarding a job that was available that was in an art area, which I’d been trained. So, I was on a computer designing a mug. I had a clip of a flowery, heart and was dragging a logo to be placed into the heart.

July 24, 2011

A Lifetime Ago

There was this gathering of people that were praying in a church room. There was this older woman, with long gray hair, tied back in a pony-tail that was facilitating the meeting. She was sitting in a circle with other church members. The time seemed to be a different era because people’s clothing were different, somewhat like England in 1800’s-1900’s. Then a man had a message for a woman that was attending the meeting so he interrupted the class. He offered his hand to her to have her leave the meeting because of information regarding her husband. She didn’t know whether to trust him, but did leave with him. Then, the dream returned to today and this man brought this woman to an outside gathering of church people.


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