Rock Formation, Australia, He’s Back, Apartment Options & Border

May 16, 2021

Rock Formation

I saw a map in this dream of some very large rock formations.

May 17, 2021


A young, dark-haired woman was in her apartment when a woman with dark, curly hair comes into her room and offers her an apartment at “hidden beach” She had to decide in 15 minutes and the woman said she couldn’t decide in that matter of time. The young woman wanted to hear options for other apartments as well. Then the young woman mentioned something about, “Austrailia”

May 19, 2021

He’s Back

For the last two nights, I felt an entity blow air onto my face. The first time, I wasn’t for sure, but it just happened. Then I saw some kind of movement in the long mirror when the lights were off. So the story goes, I left my place, been travelling and no SIGN of the hisser. So recently, I took a short trip to an area close to former residence. So within a week I have another paranormal experience.

May 20, 2021

Apartment Options

I am remembering a male landlord for two different places. One place was possible at a house, I just remember an empty room or an apartment. Nothing was in apartment and I use to live there. Then another place, kinda on a corner and it seems to be under ground.

Then there were two women, one place looked like a school that was close by, then there were places in different directions.

Then I was walking possible in California and was walking near a bridge that could cross on a sunny day. Not been there before.

Then another place by water, think had this dream while living in the Southwest. I was at a place and bus went near water.

May 26, 2021


The other night, I had a dream of some guy who had a yellow BOA constructor in a large, plastic bag and in an upper cabinet. I guess the girl that was staying there was afraid other snakes were planted all over the house. For some reason, there was somethging wrong with a part of her lower side, by stomach.

I’m trying to remember…I’m trying to remember…I saw a picture of this small, whitish dog through the balcony’s shades. It seemed two animals were abandoned in this apartment.

Then there was this young woman who wanted to go to Alaska, she lived closed by there, but I’m thinking it might by Canada because I see her going close to a area and not going into Alaska or Canada.

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