*Brothers Move and Trip, Retail Store & Bus Depot*

October 14, 2012

Brothers Move and Trip

I was with my younger brother and he didn’t tell me until the last-minute where he was planning to move. I was surprised when he said, Des Moines, and I thought he was going to say Florida. Then I was with some younger friends and we were discussing trip options and they wanted to go to Los Angeles and I prefered San Fransisco area. But they wanted to be closer to San Diego so that they could go to Mexico.

August 20, 2012

Retail Store

I was walking around a former employee’s store in a southwestern state. I saw two of my former supervisor’s, one was walking through two black revolving doors and another one looked tired.  I was only working 1 day per week at a different store.  When I called to get the following weeks schedule, my call was not returned. I told myself that wouldn’t have happened if my friend was there. I was happy that  a brother picked me up and we took off in his car. We talked about Florida and something about turning in forms and wanting a post office box.

October 13, 2012

Bus Stop

I was at someone’s house and for some reason, I missed my bus and the ticket was non-refundable. So, we all went to the bus depot. There was a different e:mail account and was supposed to be reimbursed.

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