Walking Around, Flight or Train, Neat Lady & Massaging

June 27, 2021

Walking Around

My friend beginning with the letter A was walking around all over town. For some reason we both were at a hotel together. I did not know the check out time was 10:00 o’clock which I found kinda odd. So when I approached the man at the counter of the hotel, I was hoping to get out being charged another night which was close to $100. I thought maybe we should just spend another night since I was going to be charge anyway.

Flight or Train

This one professional woman was going to take a flight or train. She went to a counter to either cancel or exchange her ticket, then she was going to just cancel her hotel places later. She had to give a reason to get a refund. Not for sure exactly where she was going to but woke up thinking of Maryland. Of course it could be Merry land, a happy place.

Neat Lady

A young woman attended some kind of group at this house. After she left she realized she left her square shaped purse and back pack in the room. The neat, older lady at the counter told her that they hadn’t gone through the room yet. So the young woman went to the room and sure enough her items were lying next to the chair in which she sat with a dim lighted lamp on a small table in the rooom.

July 7, 2021


A young woman was sleeping and her boyfriend was rubbing parts of her body around her stomach area. I sense that she cannot move her legs, something wrong with her legs.

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