*The 7th, The Kitten & Waiting*

The 7th

7th. I was staying with my mom and she’s supposed to pay for something. I had my rent bill to pay. She wasn’t feeling well and someone was mocking her.

May 24, 2013

The Kitten

 I was trying on really large clothes at this house. This smaller shirt fit this one girl. I only wanted a couple of shirts and gave the rest to someone else. At this house this newborn kitten had fleas and worms, so I was picking off the fleas and would then leave.Oleta, not sure was name of kitten. I put the kitten back in the box and some pigs devoured it. For some reason this guy wanted to see the kitten in person because it was sick and turning blue.

May 26, 2013


I was waiting in line at the doctor’s office. The male doctor was surrounded by other patients. On my stomach area there was a reddish, 5-inch infected area. I went to some guys place to pick up a female, black kitten.

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