*Table of Gold, Sleeping Bag & I Told Someone*

June 10, 2013

Table of Gold

I was sitting at a table that was filled with gold pieces, jewelry, possible earrings.

June 12, 2013

Sleeping Bag

I was angry. There were two women who wouldn’t talk to me. Then I said, I’ll sleep on the floor and wanted to get a sleeping bag. There was this African-American man sitting behind me on the plane or bus that wanted to get information on someone famous.

June 13, 2013

I Told Someone

Some mean man made an unkind comment about me. I agreed with the content of our conversation. Then, I had a cold glass of ice water. My cousin called me when she was outside at night and wanted me to help her with her phone plan. 83. I was at some place and some kid handed something to me. A man mentioned that is with medication. (Deformities) There was a small, dark cloud on the outside of my head, on the left. I forgot my shoes and socks and was walking around barefoot. I was carrying around my gournal. I told someone that the water from the faucet turned brown.

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