Fly Anywhere, Carriage & Travelin’-They Won’t….

September 22, 2021

“They won’t like that they did that” I heard this AFTER my medical appointment was moved from October to January 2022


September 23, 2021

Fly Anywhere

I was at my olders brother house, which it did not look like his house at all. My brother was at work when my high school friend came over. I had some suitcases, although they don’t look like my current suitcases. I seem to have broken a lease and wouldn’t stay at brothers because he’d want money from me. So I was going to pay $200 to fly anywhere that I could. No city comes to mind in dream. In real life, I am on a month to month lease.

September 25, 2021


I fell back asleep and took a long nap….so had a vivid dream of one of the Cuomo brothers and his daughters. They were all gettting in this carriage like thing, like Cinderella’s carriage. A woman who did not know him saw him get into carriage.

September 26, 2021


This was a strange dream, but at least I had one. I’m not for sure if this was me in the dream or not, but a former friend of mine beginning with letter J was in dream. So me or this other woman in dream was sexual with J. It was kinda odd because my friend was going to training in order to be a cop or security guard, she was wearing a uniform as she was getting ready for work. I remember thinking in dream that my friend hated cops and had a criminal record so how was she able to get into training program? I was suppose to stay with my friend for one night and leave the next day.

Afterwords was travelling by myself on a bus. First, was at bus station and for whatever reason, I wasn’t properly dressed and wasn’t wearing any shoes, maybe just long, thick socks. I remember walking around bus station with just socks, then I got into a line to wait for bus coming, line 4 or 5. There was this large, cool African-American man infront of me in the line. They must have let me on the bus because the next thing I knew was somewhere else in dream while wearing shoes.

So then was somewhere trying to get into place, it reminded me of a car wash. There was a guy there who was kinda assisting me, not for sure why was at a car wash. The guy took a picture of something. Then was walking down the street and saw some garbage on the street. A blond-haired, thin, young man was standing on the curb and asked him where was I at ? (in dream) He said New Jersey. In real life, have had no real desire to go to New Jersey, but there I was in dream.

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