*The Couple, Out There & And I Cried*

June 20, 2013

The Couple

I was sitting in a  room working on the computer. There was a girl sitting next to me and the word, “Demoted,” entered my mind. Then there was this woman who was asleep with her husband (boyfriend) and he had his arms around her as he slept. She removed his arms and was thinking about toes. (In this dream I thought it was my mom hugging me) Then this guy was in the back yard with clothes line with white sheets. He went to go kiss his wife(girlfriend) as she was sleeping. He grabbed his keys at 6:56 as he headed out to work

June 21, 2013

Out There

The Feds, I don’t have $1800. I was at this place where there was an elderly man and a middle-aged woman who had some illness. I was in a hurry because the office closed at 5:30 p.m. and didn’t know who to write the check out to, N*C*N(M).  There was a dark, haired girl sitting at the office desk. I hate him.

June 23, 2013

And I Cried

The amount on the check was wrong. I was sitting at a table having a conversation with a young, black, haired girl from a previous dream entitled, ” The Feds”,  She invited her relatives out to eat but did not include me. She just wanted my phone number. I see a diagram of bikes. Then I entered a room where there was a guy sitting in a chair and my mom was on the couch, half asleep. I went and gave her a hug and as I hugged her, I cried. Walter

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