*The Conversation, White Walls & The Change*

The Conversation

July 19, 2013

I was at this house with my sister-in-law. I was helping clean and organize this young girls bedroom. I told someone about the stolen blessing, paused and then finished the conversation.

White Walls

July 20, 2013

I was going to take an Amtrack there and Greyhound back. I was calling places on the phone. I went to the computer room and only two computers were there and the walls were not off-white, but white.

The Change

July 21, 2013

I had a dream about the children I use to babysit when I was a teenager. The girl once told me that I was her best friend.  Than I was at this house and this guy gave me a coin, $5 to go and get a video game for his daughter. The membership card got wet for some reason. I didn’t even know where the place was, but I think someone told me. Then his wife gave me more change.

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