Comes Up, College Woman & Red Suitcase

October 10, 2021

“There is going to be something that comes up”

Prior to this, I had a dream in which I vaguely remember there was this young couple, and I guess the guy was involved in shady deals and wanted this other girl to get involved, but she wasn’t interested. He seemed to get his kicks of being shady. I can see this one girl looking at him and thinking, “No Way”

October 17, 2021

College Woman

This one young woman at college has a new boyfriend. She is working on some project in a small room with table, think a friend of hers or sister is around as well. So this other young, female student is kinda has a crush on the young woman. She is kinda following her around a little bit. So the young woman whispers underneath her breath, “Lez”. I’m not for sure if the two girls are even friends or not. However the attraction isn’t mutual.


October 21, 2021

Red Suitcase

All I remember about this is a young woman was right infront of a pile of suitcases. She starts pulling out her red suitcases, several of them. Also am thinking of one of my brothers, I’ve had this dream before, but forgot about it. My brother was living in an efficiency or small room, in a small building, upper & lower, older, run down building. Do not know location in dream. So anyway, someone from this young woman’s life died at the end of the month, she didn’t know about it until later, it might be a brother, I’m thinking of my second brother when awoke.

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