*A Little Bit of Everything, Renting A Room & Kayaking*

A Little Bit of Everything

August 6, 2013

This guy who likes to ride motorcycles was planning to go to California. At night, he checked the electrical outlet switch in his kitchen.  In a meeting, most of the woman raised their hands in response to the speakers question.  Even though, I wasn’t present in the classroom, I knew this included me. There was a man sitting in his office who didn’t say anything to me. He was trying to cause trouble for me so I walked out of his office. There was a blond-haired woman who had two, small boys to take care of at home. She was somewhat dependant on her boyfriend for their finances, but she still had a job.  I remember thinking about how I had to memorize part of my school books for my classes in college.

Renting A Room

August 7, 2013

I was walking around with one of my cousins. I went to this one house where they were renting rooms from $350. I told the woman who a studio pay $400. I told my Mom she shouldn’t give up her place. But I guess she was lonely.


August 8, 2013

I was at a lake in a single kayak. I was a little afraid of how close the water came to the edges of the kayak. I saw another, Mexican American guy who was smiling as he kayaks.  Then In my dream someone mentioned to a guy that he wasn’t bad looking and should be able to find a partner.  I then was at an old friend of mine’s house and she had a bunch of junk food in the front room. She was planning to go to college in Virginia.

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