Teller, Tennille, (Surgery) & Flop House


October 27, 2021

I had several dreams which I forgot most when awoke. I just remember this one young woman working as a teller, the other teller left because she wasn’t getting enough hours.

I also was at my friends girlfriends place, her boyfirend, my friend wasn’t around. There were a couple of guys in her apartment.

Then I remember seeing a photo of HUGH HEFNER. I was in a room with two other older guys, kinda weird looking, NOT in previous dreams at all. They were discussing a movie & I wasn’t paying attention to their conversation. I did add, “I think I saw that movie” It was kinda odd, the room seemed bare, possible a basement.

February 15, 2022


Yahoo TV

Hugh Hefner’s ex calls him a ‘monster’ as she recalls traumatic relationship

October 28, 2021

“No one likes me”

Later, late at night, “Shock” & “Cover Up”

November 1, 2021


I was on top of a bunk by myself. A dark entity entered the room. There wasn’t any features, it was just a silhoutte of a dark figure. I felt startled after I awoke from nightmare. Fell back asleep…

Then the dream changed, and a Mexican American man was sitting on top of a bunk bed with two of his kids, Both kids were white, not for sure if they were male or female. So was seeing through their eyes. Then there Mom walks in and can see her clear as day. At first she reminded me of Dorothy Hamill, but the more I thought about it she reminded me of (Toni)Tennille from the band Captain & Tennille way back in the 70’s. She was taking a picture of her family. I felt physicallly boxed in, in the dream, even though, I was not actually there.

November 2, 2021


This dream was actually part of yesterdays dream, the same young woman, who is a youtuber is in this dream. She seems to be going to different areas, that is all can remember.

Also, this wasn’t a dream but a word, “Surgery” My knee has been bothering me a little bit, but not for sure if that is the surgery that am thinking about.

November 2, 2021

Flop House

I’m not for sure why am calling this place a flop house but anyway. There is this woman who lets all kinds of people staying at her house. They group seemed to be good people, like minded individuals, who would come and go as they please at this ladies house. They didn’t pay rent, but would hang out. I think my childhood friend brought me there, he later went off with some young, dark haired-girl. I think they went to a store. I mentioned the word, “Drama” concerning my friends behavior.

The woman may have been a relative, either mine or my childhood friend. Sometime during the visit, she was cuddling with another woman, Later during the day, I was standing outside waiting for a bus. It would take hours to get somewhere, possible even all day. Also in the evening saw the view from the house, lots of lights on so somewhat big city. I thought it was California. Also this woman who owned the house had a sister.

Also was awakened to hearing a noise on my night stand.

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