*Nice Girl, No Favor & Wine Festival*

August 30, 2013

Nice Girl

This girl was trying to be nice to me, when she offered me a set of brand new, green sheets that someone had dumped on her bed. My bed was more so in the back and I decline the offer because I already had some sheets. A piece of mail needed to be mailed.

August 31, 2013

No Favor

The same girl from the entry, “Nice Girl”, chose some other girl over me. She found some girl that she liked, possible a romantic interest. She gave me a phone number to call some elderly person as a possible roommate. I felt that I will never receive a blessing while a brother is around me.

September 1, 2013

Wine Festival

There were a couple of women standing on the corner, somewhat inside of a garage. They had a couple of tall, 2-3 feet high bottles of wine. I question them on how long it would take to drink the entire bottle. I didn’t get a clear answer. Then I crossed the street before they could really answer me.I told them you have to know how to hold your liquor. Mt. Vernon. Then in some garage there was some African-American guy throwing dark blue jeans onto the floor, so whoever could claim them.

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