*Foreigners, Free & Lemonade*


September 20, 2013

There were about three foreign people walking together. A man, woman and some else got into a small car, a fiat. There were three empty buses in front of a building. There was some form that needed to be filled out for a disability or elderly. Someone wanted a microwave.


September 23, 2013

I went to a building where people receive assistance. Someone gave me a size 9 or 10 pair of shoes, which was too large so I planned to give it away for free. My journals, the one that I document my dreams, were lying all over my place so I stored them back into the bicycle bag. Then there was a pop fountain and chunks of ice along with pop cans came out of machine. I grabbed a can for myself. My friend purchased a pop, when he could have gotten it for free. Then we went back to his place. My mom was feeling ill and lying down on the couch. I mentioned a doctor. This dream had a different vibe to it then most of my other dreams.

September 24, 2013


This boy had a tall glass of lemonade. There was a pool party and a woman agreed to do something. This area is not familiar to me, not green and a long way from the shopping malls. This woman was ringing up her food at a self-service check out. She was frustrated and so cancelled the transaction to start over.

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