*The Interview, The Possum & Cinnamon*

The Interview

September 30, 2013

There were about six young adults, three men and three women, who were all sitting in a group. The men were going to be interviewed by the woman and were professionally dressed, but one guy was wearing a skirt. A woman decided that the interview would be conducted by each woman taking turns interviewing the men. Then my Big Sis was standing in her kitchen with her back towards me. I was always proud of her because she had the second highest paying job position . I questioned her current occupation and was surprised that she was a cook. Also, there was a really aggressive woman who was present in a room.

The Possum

October 3, 2013

A couple of my friends and I were staying at a hostel. One friend was quiet,  mean and  jealous of the other friend. There were a group of people huddled together like a possum. The hostel was co-ed and I chose a bottom bunk so I could watch a Godzilla movie. A guy removed the top bunks and disappeared. My brother was sitting in the living room and was being difficult, so I closed my door to the room.


October 4, 2013

There were several table and a woman at a church asked this woman to come and sit by her. The woman said, “At least someone asked me.” There was a woman with cinnamon colored hair and something about Snow White.

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