Missing Item, Phone Call, The Question & Flashlight

December 21, 2021

Missing Item

I vaguely remember this dream. I remember being at the post office and checked my mail. I was suppose to receive an item, I think a letter, but it wasn’t in mailbox. Later, I had a paranormal experience, I went to go look outside my window in the evening and when returned to my bed I felt a cool breeze near me. I really haven’t been documenting my paranormal experiences recently.

December 22, 2021

Phone Call

This is kinda a strange dream, I was sitting on my bed and decided to return a call to a woman. I was possible interested in a class and she thought financial aid might be an option.

December 23, 2021

The Question

I walked into a doctor’s office room and a woman asked me a question regarding my mental health. She wanted to know if I saw or heard things that are not there question. I do not recall hearing the question, but assumed was content of question. I fib a little bit and told her, “No” I have had paranormal experiences which first started in childhood. My family was living in a former chicken coop apartment that was haunted. Some of my family members, including myself witnessed paranormal activity while living there.

December 24, 2021


January 4, 2022

I was watching a news program and a woman mentioned, “Genocide” AGAIN “Genocide on

February 4, 2022

December 25, 2021

“Write it Down”

December 27, 2021


A young, teenage girl was lying down in bed trying to get asleep. She was going on the internet with her tablet when she heard someone approaching her bedroom door. Her father opened her door and she pretended to be asleep. She wasn’t suppose to be on her tablet, so her father came back with a flashlight looking for it. He checked near her nightgown by her neck, it was strange, it was like he was reaching down her nightgown, then her nightgown turned into an empty pillowcase? By this time, the teenage girl was sound asleep. To me this dream was a nightmare, and could feel something by my neck, which woke me up in real life.

I fell back asleep…I was at this house with a woman and teenage son. They seemed to be in low spirits.

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