Head Woman, Repair & Shelter

February 21, 2022

Head Woman

So I had a couple of dreams that were short and not too important. This young woman, possible young teenager or young twenty-something was surrounded by a group of women that seem to be helping her. She just socializes with the head woman.

Next night…a woman was driving in her small car down the highway of my current town…

February 22, 2022


I see a woman walking down a dead end street of an unfamilar, residential area during a warm day. My view is from a distance, and now am seeing her wearing a baseball cap.

Then the dream changed, and two guys were working in their shop working on repairs of electical applicances, like microwaves, etc…

I think these are two different areas, the more I think about the first place might be Arizona, the second place, the shop, not sure, it could be local area.

February 26, 2022


I had two dreams, I awoke earlier and fell back asleep..

Second dream…I was at this shelter place for woman that was run by two men. I was asking this one guy a lot of questions about the place. One of the questions was the shortest and longest time someone stayed there. Then there was a woman at shelter that wanted to leave. I guess it’s a pattern of hers to start flippin’ out when she stays at shelters.

First dream…Kind a hard to remember. I was either an airport or train station, not sure. It didn’t look like either one in dream. I seemed to be there for a long time. I was somewhat confused in the dream, like I was still there when my flight or train was suppose to leave. Like time was becoming extended in dream. Also didn’t seem to care too much about catching flight or train.

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