Natalie, Mocking Woman & Former Friend

February 28, 2022


I had a dream of me being on an airplane and then at an airport. On the plane, I was sitting in a seat that is closest to the aisle. I had some items with me that didn’t look like my items, including a smartphone. Also was sitting way in back of the plane.

I had to transfer through Houston, so was sitting at the airport. I remember thinking that I forgot my white Kate Spade mittens. I’m not for sure if the airport was Houston or not. In real life, I’ve only transfered through either Houston or Dallas just once. I have not visited much of Texas. Nor do I know what state that was travelling to in dream.

I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my flight. I was sitting next to two women, one physically resembled a person named Natalie. I tried to start a conversation stating my brother once lived in Charlotte or North Carolina, she lived in Charlotte herself. She was quite rude to me and had some misconceptions about me accusing her of things that were not true. She didn’t want to talk to me and left her seat, the other woman stayed and was more supportive of me.

I got up and walked around the airport a little bit. I seemed to be walking in circles, somewhat confused and out of it, possible sick. I couldn’t figure out how to get back to the original gate that just left. I wanted to get help and was going to flag down an airport worker, but then I saw a list of flights on the incoming and outcoming board. That was the end of the dream. I’m also thinking about a roommate, although, I do not see her in dream.

March 1, 2022

Mocking Woman

I’m not for sure if this is me in the dream or another woman, but was at a female only hostel room. There were several bunk beds. I think the woman was there for an extended stay. A woman befriended her but later, found some other woman to hang out. Then she was mocking the woman. The woman was going through her locker and was looking for hygiene items to take a shower, everything was mixed up, papers all over the place, mixed with other items.

The woman was curious on the mocking woman’s next destination. She pointed to Tennessee on a map. The woman wanted to visit there herself, but had made other plans. I’m not for sure where she was going next. Then a youtuber was in the female hostel. The woman was going to mention that she likes her show, but didn’t.

Then the woman was holding her cat and went to a store that was connected to a pet store. I guess the cat was without food for a couple of days for some reason. She must not have left enough food for cat when she left on her trip. Several college students are around so am thinking she might live in an area with college students.

March 2, 2022

Former Friend

I had a dream of some guy who resembles my former friend S, but he might have blue eyes instead of brown or hazel. This young woman showed up somewhere unannounced and was going to stay at her friends place, but then she ran into an old friend, not once but twice. She then was planning to crash at his place for a night or two. This guy really does resemble my former friend, who looks Greek.

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