*Hotel, Ocean, Scottish & The Driverr*

March 10, 2014


I was walking around with a cousin and stopped at a hotel. Planning to pay in cash. 38. I walked past this woman and man. 161. I showed some man a receipt. I already had my notice typed and planned to give to landlord.

March 11, 2014


There is a man with dark brown hair and eyes that is driving his car. We went to a place where they have whales, some place never been. I had to get up early to the ocean and was waiting at a bus stop. It was sunny. I am at a messy house with two kids, girls. The cat bowls need to be filled. I thought of stopping by McDonald’s and then getting a pop.

March 13, 2014


There is a girl with a strange expression on her face. She has red hair and brown eyes, Scottish.

March 14, 2014

The Driverr

I was in this vehicle with a woman driver and it was a sunny day. There was a trailer hooked to the vehicle and as I looked back to see the licence, I thought it was CO, but was CD instead. The woman was a poor driver and people who were walking on the side of the road scooted over to move out of her way.

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