*Manicurist, Day Before & Large House*

March 17, 2014


I was sitting down and talking to some guy. A manicurist was working on my nails, I had blue fingernail polish on one finger that I was chipping away. I decided on a French manicure. I mentioned to the manicurist how I went to school for manuring, but failed the test by one point, Horst even.

March 19, 2014

Day Before

I was somewhere else and this dream is vague. There was a certain date that I was going to check into a hotel. The day before, I don’t remember.

March 20, 2014

Large House

This guy and I were sitting at his long, kitchen table. The house had oversize windows and I got up to pull one of the shades down. Then no one could see me. I asked this guy if I could store some of my items in his garage or a small room. I’ve had a dream about this guy before. Then people were moving around a lot in this open room. I was thinking about possible relocating to a different area in Florida.

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