*Real Name, Hostel, The Debt & 4-*

March 22, 2014

Real Name

There was an Asian guy. Someone asked him his name and so he told the person, but it wasn’t his real name.

March 24, 2014


It only cost $15 to stay at  a hostel in Ireland.

The Debt

March 25, 2014

This dream was vivid! I was sitting down with two young women. We were discussing apartments and PCA. They mentioned how they believed in the horoscopes. I asked them if they believed in God. One did not believe and the other did. Then I asked if they ever received a Prophetic Word, from the South. They had not. The song by Quiet Riot was on the radio, “Come Feel the Noise”. I told one of them that I hadn’t had a credit card in over 15 years and that my future was bleak, prison. She mentioned that she had no idea that I was in so much debt. This took place outside in sunny weather. Also there was a male presence in my room when I woke a couple of times at night.

March 26, 2014


I walking around in an area that doesn’t look familiar to me at all. I see a store with handmade pizza. I see a business man, possible a manager in a store. 4-, a couple of times and twice a week. There is some woman who is helping me with this yellow, ceramic thing. Large, white envelope

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