*Water, Books or Movies, Faucet & Duffel Bag & Surgery*

April 10, 2014


A clear container of water was placed into the refrigerator. I guess the water turned yellow, so the water was refilled. This woman was irritated and stood up for someone else, possible a loved one. A woman placed her laptop up against the back of a couch. She was researching government and disability. There was a scare with the elevator.

April 11, 2014

Books or Movies

A guy asked me if I had to choose between reading and watching movies.

April 13, 2014

Faucet and Duffel Bag

There was an outside faucet that was connected to the building. I was walking around and so was a guy and gal. Then I was somewhere and I wanted to go into this tall building that had construction. I didn’t want to go alone, or wasn’t suppose to go alone. So, I walked around the building instead. There was some woman, a disagreement, 8:00 PM. Then there was a duffel bag that was sitting in the living room. The faucet and the duffel bag were very clear in this dream

April 15, 2014


There is a guy sitting at a table who looks displeased and somewhat rolling his eyes. I sit down across from him, but he doesn’t even acknowledge my presence.  Then there are some people walking around at night, some have name tags pinned to their shirts. I am applying for assistance and there is a long form, both front and back containing writing. I told some woman the truth, that I needed surgery and that I would stay somewhere temporary until it was completed. Something about 3 months and mention if I had an opportunity to go to Florida right now. I would take it. They will pay for it somewhere else. I can hear my former therapist talking in the background.

This is my FAV short story, “Young Goodman Brown” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

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