*Mexican Family, Helper & Private Conversation*

April 23, 2014

Mexican Family

The man sitting at a table in a large house is in this dream again.  There is a Mexican family with a mom, son and daughter. I am in the truck with these kids, with the guy driving. I mentioned that I am not a social butterfly and want to move due to noise.

April 24, 2014


Some woman in a soft voice left a message concerning to help someone. I was just about ready to give my notice and told myself, “I knew this was going to happen.” I was just going to tell the landlord that I went with my brother.  The minister was renewing her wedding vows. The signature and date were blank on  form.

April 25, 2014

Private Conversation

There were several people at this apartment. A man asked this woman for about 10 minutes of her time to have a private conversation while they were in her kitchen.  She really didn’t want to hear about it or care. Her Mexican boyfriend was sitting on the couch. Something always comes up as I try to leave, mid-month. Don’t be surprised if I take off with my brother.  I wanted to go get a new I.D., but wasn’t in a legal lease, was staying with someone.  I don’t have a driver’s licence because I am afraid of the other cars hitting me.

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