Luggage, Swimmer, Hospitalle, Museum & Pacific Northwest City

April 7, 2022


There was an area where people were picking up there luggage. I do not see a carousel like at an airport. A woman is picking up her three suitcases of all different colors. Then one of my cousins is sleeping on a top bunk of a bunk bed. The bunk bed looks like it was hand made because it has cubicles.

Also, a strange guy was standing infront of me, he said either, “You are suicidal ?” or “He was suicidal ?”It almost didn’t seem like a real person.

April 8, 2022


This was a strange dream, a swimmer wearing a yellow swimming cap is soley swimming in a large body of water. I’m thinking of SF ?

April 10, 2022


Last night, I dreamnt about being at possible a hospital, the doctors working there were predominantly white. I don’t remember much else about the dream or why was at hospital.

April 16, 2022


The area in this dream is unfamiliar. I was with a group of friends, one being S. and we were hanging out somewhere. Then for whatever reason, I left them. I was suppose to take a bus and routes were foggy in dream. I ended up walking uphill at this amusement park or museum. A guy with dark hair was infront of me. Part of the museum had items inside with old prices inside pop machine, cigarette machines.

April 18, 2022

Pacific Northwest City

A woman is walking in a Pacific Northwest city, although the city DOES NOT look familiar in dream. She is walking around taking pictures and is having some difficulty with her camera. I see her take a picture of outside of a pub that is closed at the time. I then see a bridge that reminds me of “The Irene Hixon Whitney”bridge in the Midwest. It seems to be an area with college kids, see mainly guys in dream.

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