*Covered Up, Foreign, Gray Rabbit Again & Rattlesnake*

July 18, 2014

Covered Up

I was trying to get someone to drive me to possible California. I mentioned that I would sit in the back seat and remain quiet during the trip. I can’t remember this one conversation. There was this one mother and daughter around me. The daughters feet were sticking out from the covers, so I covered them up. I said that I wasn’t making something up.


There was this early, twenty-something girl walking around in her underwear as she was putting white sheets into washing machine. She had a couple of tattoos by her stomach. Then I was walking with a couple of Mexican kids, possible in a foreign country. Then there was another foreign guy with long hair and long-gray beard. I was trying to convince them to let me leave. I was going to tell him the dream, to forewarn him.

July 21, 2014

Gray Rabbit Again

I was in a van with a woman, van was kind of messy. A woman was driving and I was eating some cookies. There were teenagers around me and one of them had a book. There was a gray rabbit hopping away from the place.

July 22, 2014


I went down to this house. There is an older guy there, a woman and a child. I didn’t want some guy coming near me, a Native American man with a rattlesnake.

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