*Shuttle, Two Bikini’s, Horse Shoe Shape, Glasses & Gracie, To Please , Beautiful Scenery & Pixie Girl*


November 30, 2014

A woman is waiting at a transit center for a bus.  A bus number 90 and another one pass by her and she gets on a local shuttle bus. She sees someone who resembles her childhood friend. Later, she is with two women until late at night. She tells them she id good with colors. 610.

Two Bikini’s

December 1, 2014

A woman and young man are sitting in a waiting room.  She was wearing shorts and had a lot of black, felt tip writing on her upper, left leg.  Then she was in a room with two, women wearing bikini tops and a African-American woman. One of the woman wanted to stop at her relatives place as she was travelling. One the 15th a woman wants to give a woman flowers, Roses.

Horse Shoe Shape, Glasses & Gracie

December 5, 2014

Horse Shoe Shape

You didn’t say anything to me. Feel myself walking like a horseshoe shape.

December 6, 2014

A guy with short, light-brown hair is sitting at a table, he wears glasses. Someone turns knob of front door.

December 7, 2014


There is a parking lot, a place to drop off your payment. I see different mail sizes, a poodle, named Gracie.


To Please

December 8, 2014

There are two women, an older, black-haired, medium length woman and a younger, short-blond, haired woman in early twenties. The blond was a lesbian and was being shown how to please another woman. Lease, month-to-month, 1 year. A guy was around.

Beautiful Scenery, Pixie Girl

December 10, 2014

Beautiful Scenery

This dream, I remember being high up and seeing this beautiful scenery of water off a coast. It kinda reminds me of the State of Washington, but it’s not as green and no place ever visited or lived. I was outside of this restaurant and recall seeing someone’s stuff on the ground, including bags and purse which the woman came back for her items. So I recall a high school friend and some of her friends being inside this restaurant. I wanted to show her the beautiful scenery. (My friend is taking a trip with friends so maybe this will be an upcoming view for them)

Pixie Girl

There was this tiny, thin white girl with short, pixie like hair that was at her house with another woman. The woman romantically like this white girl, but then her husband comes out of a bedroom.

Then this college kid has pins or something like that in his hand. He leaves a pile of his items in a building.


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