First Name, I Want to be Closer to NY, Youngest Brother

July 26, 2022

First Name

A guy went to a counter. Then I think he went out with a woman & used a coupon. He was suppose to have his ID to use coupon, but didn’t . He kept reusing coupon, over & over again. I awoke to hearing someone calling my FIRST NAME.

In real life heard from someone regarding a therapist appointment.

July 28, 2022

I Want to be Closer to NY

A woman got her laptop wet. A woman was walking around in an area. A woman closed a baby stores door. Then I thought, “I want to be closer to NY”

July 31, 2022

Youngest Brother

My youngest brother was in this dream, he was younger and thinner. He was going to drop me off somewhere along his route. Texas

August 12, 2022

Jewish People Helping Me

I was with a tall guy with short, blond hair and he was helping me. We were decorating a Jewish families room with Christian memorabilia. Most items were family heirloom. I get a message from my cousin asking me if I wanted to move to C ? Since my cousin is unreliable. I thought yeah right and we kept decorating the room. One of the lights in the room wasn’t working properly.

While I was asleep in a bed, my older brother came up to me wearing his boxer shorts and t-shirt. He just stood there and didn’t say anything.

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