*A Room & Escalators & The House*

A Room & Escalators

March 17, 2015

A Room

A woman went with her friend to a room.   She was thinking about her birthday as she took off her pants and went to the bathroom.  A guy was their to help protect her and came to the side of her bed.  She mention about not talking to a woman anymore.

March 18, 2015


This woman was at a mall with several escalators, She had coupons for a fast food restaurant. She went into this one store where two women were at the counter, she didn’t say anything to either one of them. 71. Then she was at a house and some guy was around her. Sleeping bag.

The House

March 19, 2015

This woman was standing by the kitchen table. There is a yellow, sticky piece of paper. An African-American man is sitting at a table talking crazy…fell back asleep…

A house has a cat and a white rabbit in cage. The food bowl was empty and the rabbit, water bottle was refillled. The refridgerator was unplugged. There was a carpeted basement with clothes all over the floor. There were two, laundry baskets with folded clothes. A guy is also downstairs. She is on the phone getting turned on by a guy, who ask if she has a boyfriend. There is a large, silver or tan purse. Strange and unfamiliar scenery. 15.


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