*New York, Thick, Tall Guy & The False Document*

New York

March 24, 2015

Three people were in a car, I see the view from back seat. A long-haired, blond woman is sitting shotgun. M. Trying to save $$$ in order to go to New York. My big sister is from there. Trying to call someone, on phone. An empty room, with a white string and small radio. A guy wearing baby blue nightwear. A guy and girl sitting in the back of a bus or plane going somewhere.

Thick & Tall Guy


March 25, 2015

There were two people standing at a table and cutting something thick.

Tall Guy

March 26, 2015

A woman, who looks like someone I once knew over 20 years ago. Her name is Annie and she is looking at something on the wall.  A tall, African-American man goes up to a someone in a car, later, he is at his house. A woman comes running up the stairs and questions about signing a years lease.

The False Document

March 28, 2015

There were two, women who  looked like each other. Both were in there early 20’s, short brown hair.  A woman got half of her bangs cut and left the rest of it. One of the woman, left and an aggressive woman told the other woman, “To Finish it.” They both liked a brother and the woman thought, “How could they like him.” Do you want me to sue you ? The woman was going to put a *****. Confrontational.

I fell back asleep….

Then  I had a dream about an African-American man, tall and bald, starting with the letter B, then he appeared in life. Then there was a house, had some color in it and then it appeared in life. There were rooms in the house. A couple had a room, then a young man.  Someone said, “How did I get in , skipped.” This African-American man stopped by the house. Has a different vibe to it, exciting. New York, New York.


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