*Transit Center, Sunny Day, 20/20 & Leather Jacket*

Transit Center

April 16, 2015

A woman is at some place, inside a transit center. A young woman says, “Where in the hell am I ?”and then goes outside of building. She goes in one direction and then crosses the street. There is a guy that turns on his tablet and starts writing the date.  Something is incomplete and someone comments that she keeps screwing up. A woman with long, light brown hair is smiling and wearing different shades of color on eyelids. There also is a nice, sweater and large curling iron.

Sunny Day

April 17, 2015

This woman, who resembles the famous singer is walking outside on a sunny day. A couple of guys mention a mosh and she doesn’t respond to them. This woman was married and was physically abusive.


April 19, 2015

Two guys are around. 20/20. Sacramento.

Leather Jacket

April 20, 2015

There is some guy wearing a black, leather jacket when he walks into a place and sits down.


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