*Skinny White Women, Asian Girl, 1900’s

June 25, 2015

Skinny White Women

No words, just images. There are two skinny, white women. One may be at the others place. A young woman is sitting down at a desk. 7 years of schooling and no Bachelors Degree. Then there is a photo of some ceremony, second to the left looks like the famous rap singer.

July 26, 2015

Asian Girl

An Asian girl is living in all girl dormitory, possible in a foreign country. One girl is hanging out with her and later she travels further out near farm land. Censured, necromancing. (Alleged communication with the dead)  


June 29, 2015

A woman is walking late at night by an old apartment complex build in the era of the 1900’s.  There are several people walking around, including an African-American man with dreadlocks. She is unstable and not making eye contact with anyone. Two people are sitting at their desk, one white guy is writing and a young, woman with long, black hair is smiling.


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