Paranormal Experiences October 2022

Oct 3, 2022

Yesterday, when I was at the library, I was doing some travel research and when I researched a city of my favorite state, I felt energy by my hands.

Also thought of possibly having to have breast surgery. I saw a vision, of A “rectangular” sized bandage over breast.  I stumbled on someone else’s writing. I’m not for sure what it all means? I use to live somewhere where the rooms were compared to an old jail cell, “rectangular shape”, however my apartment was a handicap, so was bigger. The building was actually an old fire department.

Somehow, on my last entry, “2 weeks” “Lets go backwards” I tried updating it, so this did occur. A case manager went backwards, as far as my whereabouts these last couple of months, she got part of it wrong. Not sure why about going backwards in the first place?

October 5, 2022

Some time ago, I was thinking of balloons for some odd reason. When I arrived in this town, I saw a balloon store that is closing on October 8, 2022. Symbolic.

“Bombarded” “I’m going to milk that cow as long as possible” Oct 7 “They have no intention of helping me” “Standby” Oct 10 “I”m not going to be here that much longer. Oct 14 “I live in two worlds “(states-NOT TRUE) Oct 15 “Forewarn” October 16 “share” “go be homeless somewhere else” “blackmail” “why would I say that”Oct 18 “,Turn her in”Oct 19, 2022 “They are going to be looking for her”Oct 20 “Come get me””Mini”Oct  23 “truck”Oct 25 “Your gonna hate it””ban”Oct 26 “This isn’t going to work””They were too hard on you”Oct 27 “Cabin”Also, last night right after the dog left my bedroom, I sensed an invisible dog walk onto bed, then the dog changed into energy next to me, then stopped.


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