*Hotmail & Express Bus, Redo & Bicycle*

October 10, 2015


A young girl is falling in love or in love. An older man sitting at a table is writing down a hotmail account.

October 11, 2015

Express Bus

A woman is riding an express bus and is squished between two women. One woman has a lot of items in her backpack which she puts underneath her seat. She then puts her keys in her front pocket of her red corduroy, long sleeve shirt. (I use to have this kind of shirt a long time ago)  A woman then pulls the string to signal to get off at the next stop and  it is taking longer than expected.  She writes down the name of the small stores as she gets off, one being a car repair store.  An African-American man is in his small room, another room has lockers.

October 13, 2015


A woman was sitting at a table with a woman with short, black wavy hair. She may have been in another dream, but not recently. Her son may have been there, the other woman mentioned Panama City, Florida and then smiled. February. Then there were rolled cigarettes in a container. Upset, had to redo.

October 14, 2015


The same girl, that was in recent dream, former Mexican woman. There was a brand new bicycle, either light blue or light pink. I think blue with a tag of $135.


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