Brothers Around, On Board Ship, Cousin Complaining,”He isn’t who he said he is”, Old Tub & Zebra Pattern

Oct 29, 2022

Brothers Around

My youngest & older brother were in this dream.  This dream was a little odd with me being shown events occuring in each room. 

One room an elderly woman was surrounded by her family (hospice) as she was passing.

Then two male police officers were outside on a moderetly, warm day.

Another room, a young, dark-hair woman was hanging out with her friends.  The woman was kinda a snob and didn’t want to socialize with the other woman, who she was sharing the room.

When the woman was alone, two border control men searched  the room and pulled a clear, sealed package of marijuana from the snobby girls top dresser.  One of the men approached the other woman, who was lying down in her  twin sized bed. I do not recall if he spoke to the woman, or not ? I think he was checking up on her.

Oct 30, 2022

On Board Ship

A strange dream. I was with my youngest brother and saw an aerial view of some cabins with green roofing. I approached a woman at a counter. My youngest brother mentioned who owned the cabins.

Later, he picked me up in his small car. He then drove us onto this one ship. A woman was handing out a free food item so got one.

Nov 5, 2022

Cousin Complaining

My cousin was on the phone bitching up a storm about me.

Nov  6, 2022

“He isn’t who he said he is”

A young, rugged looking man is sitting down at a desk. I hear in my dream, “He isn’t who he said he is” . ( In real life, someone said exactly this later in the evening)

I then was at some place, possible a hospital because it had hallways. I go to the cafeteria to buy some items and the cashier throws a more expensive item into my purchase so I get mad and walk away.

Then I am sitting down infront of a young guy with short, brown hair. I am crying and tell the guy, “At least I’m trying, I graduated with honors (TRUE-actually, it was HIGHER honors)

Nov 14, 2022

Old Tub

All I saw in this dream was a dark ring of dirt around an old fashion tub.

Nov 15, 2022

Zebra Pattern

CLEAR. I was at an under ground rail station with people travelling. I saw a woman in her mid-thirties with dark, curled hair with a small, Zebra pattern roll suitcase with wheels. Then right around the corner came a Zebra pattern rail train.

(Nov 15, 2022 In real life was watching the news, mentioned Thanksgiving & Christmas is right around the corner”


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