*Unbuttoned, 8-4 & Barrette & Numbers*

October 23, 2015


A man’s  cuff is unbuttoned, while a woman’s button up shirt is exposed her cleavage. As she passed someone, she high fives him. There is an outside, open dining area where people are sitting on stools as they eat there burgers and french fries. A woman sits down next to a woman and is looking at the water nearby, possible an ocean. She wants to show someone a picture of an oil drilling rig on a body of water. She prefers similar places to live, being near water. A woman seems to know a lot about nature and oceanography. A woman doesn’t want to stay with homeless people and hides something under her bed.

October 24, 2015


This area is not familiar, possible small town. A woman crosses the street at enters the store of a man at a counter. 8-4. A woman with light, long brown hair, reminds me of a former landlord in Florida. She has papers and something plastic. A woman paid a bill and told a  woman that she is smart.

Barrette & Numbers

October 25, 2015

A woman with long, black hair, pulled back in a barette with brown eyes. She got her taxes back and she told everyone.

October 26, 2015

A young woman is trying to decode alpha and numeric numbers

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